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Bright Lights, Big City

I moved to Seattle in 1989, just after graduating from Purdue. After working at Microsoft for about a year, I began working with Charlie Golder, a long-time auto enthusiast. He needed some room in his garage and sold me his '65 Monza, pictured on this page.

I traced the car to its first owner, a local doctor. I learned that the car had been driven daily for most of its life, and I was in shock about how good its condition was. (I was still used to daily drivers being rust buckets from my days in Indiana.)

The pictures here show the car after a minor amount of rust removal had been completed and a nice new coat of paint had been applied. Going with the original color, Artesian Turquoise, was a no-brainer—that color is beautiful when new!

Not long after I finished restoring this car, opportunity knocked and I purchased the yellow '66 Corsa convertible pictured elsewhere. I decided that I couldn't justify owning two Corvairs plus a Brand X for commuting, so I sold the Monza to my friend Walter Sullivan (no relation). He enjoyed the car for a couple of years then sold it to someone in Vancouver, WA.

(If anyone knows of the whereabouts of this car, please contact me. I recently found what appear to be the original keys, complete with the knockout plugs intact!)


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