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Faithful Companion

I will always have a special fondness for my first car, the '62 Monza pictured at left. I purchased it for $550 in May 1983, a month before I received my driver's license. The previous owner was Richard Stanley of Connersville, IN.

This picture was taken probably in 1985, after some body work, painting, and interior work had been finished. (The car was red when I purchased it. Shown here is Autumn Gold, the correct original color.)

This Monza, with its trusty 80 HP motor, was my pokey but faithful companion throughout high school. Amazingly, I once got a warning for speeding in this car. (There were five people in the car at the time!)

I didn't take the Monza to college and sold it while I was at Purdue—I needed a car at school but I didn't want to drive the Monza during harsh Indiana winters.

I spent way too much fixing up this car but I learned a lot and had a lot of fun doing it.


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