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A multi-lingual friend of mine translated the tire pressure chart for me. He pointed out that French always comes first on the chart, then Dutch, then German.



Model Load Front Rear
Monza & Corsa
1/2 1.3 1.8
1/1 1.5 2.0

Cold Tires

Sustained Speed (150 - 175 Km/h)
Increase tire pressure by

For regular roads

For freeways

Once translated, the information in the table is pretty straightforward to understand:

Cold tire pressures (in kilograms per square centimeter) are given for half-loaded and fully-loaded Corvair Monzas and Corsas

For sustained high-speed driving (150 - 175 kilometers per hour), the tire pressures should be increased by 0.3 or 0.5, depending on the type of road

On the Transtronics Pressure Conversion page I found that 1 Kg/Cm2 = 14.223 Lb/In2.

It's interesting to note that the same blank chart was apparently used for any GM product assembled in Belgium—the model and pressures were written in by hand for each car! (Clearly, this was a low-production operation.)

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