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Peter Mills has owned this all-original Canadian turbo convertible since 1976. He thinks he may be the third owner but is not sure. Peter's convertible is probably an original Winnipeg car because it has an "Inman Motors Winnipeg" dealer emblem on it. The odometer currently shows 40,368 miles. The car is complete but needs a restoration.

Peter first saw the car when he went ice racing in Gimley, MB in the 1970s although he never actually got to speak to the owner. At one point Peter saw the car off the road in a ditch and the car has obvious accident damage repair to verify this episode (replaced right quarter, lots of body filler on the right fender). Peter also remembers the car missing the quarter glass on the driver's side. His car has a damaged convertible top cable and back seat as a result.

Although Peter has owned the car for 25 years, he has not driven it much. He started the engine once to assess the situation and found that one cylinder is dead, probably a dropped valve seat. He hopes to dig into the project relatively soon as a retirement project—probably within the next five years. The car is safely kept in dry, mouse-proof storage until that time.

Information from the tags

Vehicle identification tag

Body tag

Other codes

Build sheet information

Unknown at this time. Peter hasn't started restoring the car yet but the build sheet is likely intact.

Information from GM Canada archives

Peter is probably going to order the info packet soon. The summary sheet verifies the information contained on the VIN tag and body tag and provides the original engine code. The summary also contains a few pieces of information not found anywhere else:


Hope to have some soon!


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