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Trevor Withrow rescued this example in June, 2002.

Trevor commented the following:

"As you can see from the photos, the car was converted to a mi-engine Ford V-6 at some point." Fortunately the car came with the original engine. When I bought it, the car had been stored since 1973. I will send more code numbers as time permits. More pictures to follow as work goes on."

Information from the tags

Vehicle identification tag

Body tag

Other codes

Build sheet information

In November 2003, Trevor sent a picture of the original build tag.

Information from GM Canada archives

The summary sheet verifies the information contained on the VIN tag and body tag and provides the original engine code. The summary also contains a few pieces of information not found anywhere else:


August 2003: First Look

We can clearly see the some of the V-6 conversion in the trunk photo. Looks like the car might still be wearing its original Marina Blue paint!


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