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Garwood Leigh purchased this convertible in the summer of 2001 and it is currently for sale for $13,500 USD. You can email Garwood or you can phone him at 800-663-2377 (North America) or 250-491-7888 (worldwide) during regular business hours at his company, A Timeleigh Motorcar. (Timeleigh is a clever pun for Timely using Garwood's last name.)

Hopefully Garwood or the next owner will have a chance soon to provide info to help make this page more complete. Don't miss the pictures below!

Records show that the car was sold on September 9, 1996 by Bruce Matheson of Abbotsford, BC to Gary Morgan of Yarrow, BC. Gary owned the car for five years until selling it to Garwood.

Information from the tags

Vehicle identification tag

Body tag

Other codes

Build sheet information

Unknown at this time whether the tag survives inside the driver's seat back.

Information from GM Canada archives

Hopefully Garwood or the next owner will order the info packet from GM Canada soon!

The summary sheet verifies the information contained on the VIN tag and body tag and provides the original engine code. The summary also contains a few pieces of information not found anywhere else:


16 October '01: On display at A Timeleigh Motorcar in Kelowna, BC

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