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Don Hoffman of Winnipeg, MB purchased this car in September, 2005 from Dan McNeil, also of Winnipeg. Don found out about the car from Les Honke, who discovered this car in June, 2005.

Since we know that the last '66 Canadian Corvair was #6137, this is a very late production car (79 from the end). It's a real shame that this convertible deteriorated to the point where it was only good for parts.

Don had the following to say about this car:

"The immediate plan is to pull the engine, transmission, etc. as third gear in my wife's 65 turbo convertible fragmented and I have decided to upgrade to '66 running gear and Les wants the engine. The pictures don't do it justice as to how rotten it is but I will let you know how it goes and whether or not I keep the shell. Any thing worth salvaging will be salvaged."

In January, 2006, Don provided this update:

"Les Honke confirmed my suspicions that the car is beyond saving and unfortunately it will be going to the scrap yard. It has been completely stripped of any and all parts no matter how insignificant."

Don scrapped the car after harvesting the good bits. In January, 2014, Don sent me the VIN tag, body tag, and build tag from inside the front seat backrest. Thanks, Don!

Information from the tags

Vehicle identification tag

Body tag

Other codes

Build sheet information

Unknown at this time.

Information from GM Canada archives

The summary sheet verifies the information contained on the VIN tag and body tag and provides the original engine code. The summary also contains a few pieces of information not found anywhere else:


June '05: Les discovers the car

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