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The Biggest of All

I just recently learned about this manufacturer of high-performance Corvair parts. Hopefully other Corvair owners can enlighten me about the company and its products. Their main claim to fame, as far as I am concerned, is that they manufactured the largest cylinders for a Corvair engine.

Larry Claypool owned a set of Stokes' monster 3 3/4" bore Corvair cylinders. Here's what he had to say about them:

"Well, I can tell you what they looked like: a thin tube with an aluminum fin assembly (1 piece) pressed on. They were really thin down at the base where they entered the crankcase; required boring all the crankcase holes bigger to fit, which meant you'd better have good threads for the studs in the crankcase because there was no room left for repair inserts.

I know the rings supplied with the set were for a 265 CID Chevy V8 ('55 - '56). I can't remember whose pistons (Jahns, Arias, Venolia?).

I never did use them—they were NOS when I sold them. I am sure Stokes was gone [out of business] when I sold them, and that's been years ago now. I sent all the paperwork I had for them with the set."

Ed Corson relayed that Stokes has a shop in Romoland, CA and is still in business, specializing in building performance engines for buggies and some trikes. Ed is going to contact Stokes soon to see what's brewing on the Corvair front.

If you have info on Stokes Engineering, please contact me!  

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