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The data plate for any Corvair FC is mounted up under the dash behind the parking brake handle.

The plate shown below is from a '64 Rampside that I bought for parts (S111136). The plate has several interesting pieces of information:

  1. Gross Vehicle Weight rating
  2. Net horsepower at 3600 & 4000 RPM
  3. Trim code
  4. Paint code
  5. Wheelbase

I haven't had the opportunity yet to inspect plates from different models and years, but I would assume that everything but the wheelbase could differ from vehicle to vehicle or model to model.

The net horsepower is included as part of the plate's "background" lettering, which is done by painting the area around the letters in black, allowing the bare metal to show through to form the letters. The GVW rating and wheelbase are painted in black on bare areas of the plate.

The trim code and paint code are stamped into bare areas of the plate. (The stamping is hard to make out in the image at the left. Look for "STD" and "5514AA".)


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