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Decoding information for '65 Greenbrier trim and paint codes

Unlike Corvair cars, the forward control vehicles do not have a true "body tag" that includes a body number, build date, etc. FCs do have a data plate though that includes two types of codes:

  1. Trim code: Indicates whether the vehicle was equipped with RPO Z60 (Custom Equipment, a.k.a. "Deluxe" option)
  2. Paint code: Specifies the exterior paint scheme

The trim codes and paint codes for '65 Greenbriers contain some extra prefix digits and Exception Control Letters (ECLs) as suffixes. The meaning of specific ECLs for trim and paint codes was largely unknown until Steve Spilatro undertook to understand them in 2015. See his monumental two-part article here and here. The information is also available, in slightly different form, on the Corvanatics web site:

 Thanks to Steve for permission to excerpt some of his research on this page.

Trim code information

One of two basic types of codes are found:

For vehicles equipped with RPO Z60, the code has three parts:

Concerning ECL suffixes, there were many possibilities for '65 Greenbrier "deluxe" (RPO Z60) trim codes. In the table below, parentheses indicate codes which have not yet been seen on actual vehicles in the Corvanatics FC registry.


No left-side doors

Left-side doors


No 3rd-row seat

3rd-row seat

No 3rd-row seat

3rd-row seat

Fawn interior





Turquoise interior





Red interior





Green interior






An obvious question is, "Why did these two RPOs need different configurations of RPO Z60?" When ordered with the third-row seat (RPO A59), RPO Z60 included rear compartment arm rests. When ordered with left side doors (RPO E85), RPO Z60 substituted separate vinyl panels for each of the two extra doors in place of the single large panel used in a six-door van.

Paint code information

Each paint code has three parts:

Concerning ECL suffixes, there were only two possibilities for most '65 Greenbrier paint codes:


ECL suffix

Solid color




For Pure White exteriors, RPO 521 (solid color) and RPO 545 (two-tone), there were several more ECL suffix possibilities. The exact reason is not yet known, but might be connected to the outside rear view mirror configuration. In the table below, parentheses indicate codes which have not yet been seen on actual vehiclesin the Corvanatics FC registry.


ECL suffix

Hypothetical mirror configuration

RPO 521

RPO 545

No outside mirror



RPO D32, left & right sides



RPO D32, right side only



RPO D32, left side only



RPO D29, left side only



RPO D29, left & right sides




In addition, the "AA" ECL has been found on five two-tone combinations: RPOs 542 (Maroon), 549 (Dark Yellow), 552 (Gray), 554 (Copper), and 555 (Fawn), which were mostly newly-added colors, so the use of "AA" for them appears to be intentional rather than a mistake.

Prefix digit notes

In the Chevrolet truck price book, every option and paint code is listed with either a "4" prefixed (for all non-Corvair FC options and colors) or a "5" prefixed (for all Corvair FC options and colors). So for example, air brake equipment is 4-J71 while level floor equipment is 5-E82.

The prefix digits clearly show that Corvair FCs were segregated from the other trucks. Dave Newell commented that each prefix digit:

"indicates that the records for that option are kept in the Corvair 95 book, to keep that production record separate from other vehicle lines with the same option. For example, M35 was Powerglide on every Chevy vehicle. For Corvair FCs it was the #5 book."


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