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Literature not included in the search

This page is an auxiliary listing of (mainly) non-GM Corvair-related publications in CorvairKid's collection. Some of the items unfortunately are no longer in print. I hope this list helps you become aware of and locate publications I have found interesting and useful.

Original GM publications

The items below were originally produced by GM. I included them here because they either: cover vehicles that were successors to or contemporaries of the Corvair, reproductions of originals, sections of larger publications, or are multi-volume periodicals where I own more than one issue.

Original Corvair Literature from Bob Slusher

Bob Slusher was kind enough to send me scans of a few pieces from his collection. All of these are original Chevrolet items.

Canadian Corvair Literature

1965 Corvair owner's guide

1965 Corvair warranty book

1967 Corvair owner's guide

Corvair Service Literature

1960 Corvair heater service (filmstrip book)

1961 Corvair 95 collision repair (filmstrip book)

1961 Corvair Powerglide service (filmstrip book)

Official CORSA magazines and newsletters

I am very lucky to have a complete set of original Corvair Society of America (CORSA) magazines and newsletters. Below is a genealogy of these publications.

There have been many different official CORSA publications over the years. From its inception until September of 1978, there were two basic types of publications:

The monthly newsletter changed names several times while the magazine was always known as the CORSA Quarterly. Beginning in September 1978, the two publications were combined into one publication, the CORSA Communique. This change coincided with CORSA's hiring of its first paid management and publication staff. Until that time, administration and publication work was done by an all-volunteer staff. Publication costs were paid by CORSA but not staff labor.

Note that there are few years where the monthly publication (both the CORSA Communiqués and the CORSA Communique) published fewer than twelve issues. This occurred for a variety of reasons—change of staff, publication problems, etc. The issue numbering convention for a skipped issue has not been consistent. Therefore, the volume and issue numbers for all articles indexed below are given, in addition to the month and year published.

Name of Publication

Volume / Issue

Month(s) / Year(s)

Preliminary Newsletter1

1 - 4

1969 - 19702

No title


September 1970

Turbo-Aire Topics


October/November 1970



December 1970/January 1971

The Windmill

V1N4 - V3N4

March/April 1971 - October 1972

CORSA Communiqués

V3N5 - V9N8

November 1972 - August 1978

CORSA Quarterly

V1N1 - V7N4

January (Winter) 1971 - Summer 1978

CORSA Communique

V1N1 - Present

September 1978 - Present

1 These newsletters had the issue numbers in their titles, e.g. "Preliminary Newsletter #1". Issue 4 had two titles: the normal one on the first page of content and "CORSA News 4 -Preliminary-" on a separate cover page.

2 The only one of these four newsletters with any kind of date is #3, which has "April" on the first page at the top. Also, my copy of this issue is postmarked May 26, 1970. My copies of the other three newsletters are not postmarked.

Index of Tech Topics

Mike Kellstrand and I collaborated on an index of the tech topics from the Communique through 1998. The index is a nice way to more quickly find what you're looking for. Note that many of the most-useful topics are re-published in the CORSA Tech Guide, currently in its newly-expanded third version. It would be nice if someone would volunteer to bring the index up to date (1998 and later).

Corvan Antics

Corvanatics, the official CORSA chapter devoted to forward control Corvairs (Corvans, Greenbriers, Loadsides, and Rampsides), has published Corvan Antics, their newsletter, at least four times per year since 1972. I have a complete set of the newsletters. My set is a mixture of originals and copies purchased from the organization.

Technical and restoration-related publications

Historical publications and books


Below are a few items that don't seem to fit in any of the other categories but might once a few years pass.


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