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This stage of the project is not yet underway. I'll be running the Haltech E6-series controller or something even newer.

Photos (sneak preview)

Although work has not yet begun on Stage 4, I did briefly have the Cartwright port fuel injection manifolds mounted on the Stage 1 engine, during the August, 1998 dyno testing session. Duane Cartwright, the creator, lives in Portland, OR, which is about three hours from my house.

The manifolds look rather good, don't they? the air box was from a VW product, I believe, and gave us fits during the time we spent experimenting. Also visible in this shot are the headers designed for the Stage 2 (and above) engine.

This shot shows the manifolds in more detail. Duane designed them to allow an air box at the rear or on top.

Although the injectors don't spray entirely on the back of the valves, they are as close as practical without requiring extensive head work (as done to Graham Dell's engine).

I can't wait until his project is really shipping! Clark's Corvair Parts is the official retailer for this product.


My experience in the mountains recently (driving to the 1999 CORSA convention) sure makes fuel injection very attractive. It will be interesting to compare TBI to the Cartwright port injection setup.

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