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Welcome to the CorvairKid's resource center for 1965 Corvair Greenbrier (GB) information. In 1965, the Greenbrier was the only Corvair Forward Control (FC) model still in production. 1964 was the last year for the Rampside and Corvan. (The unpopular Loadside was discontinued in 1962.)

I asked Dave Newell why the Greenbrier was continued for 1965 but not the other models. The answer is straightforward:

"The Chevy Van was a rush job, and there wasn't time to finish the engineering on the Sportvan (passenger) version for mid-year (Spring '64) announcement. So Chevy Van was released then, to get it onto the streets and into the hands of fleet & commercial users, who were crying for it. The Greenbrier was only continued for '65 because of a delay in releasing the Sportvan, which debuted in January, 1965."

Below are links to specific '65 GB topics. Enjoy!

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